Infected: The Twin Vaccine 2009 - 2013
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Infected: The Twin Vaccine Hidden Object Game - 2012

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Let's Play Casual Games! Infected: The Twin Vaccine - Part 1 of 2

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Infected: The Twin Vaccine 2009 - 2013

Infected: The Twin Vaccine
Collector's Edition

"Search for a missing girl who holds the key to stopping a global epidemic in Infected: The Twin Vaccine! A new breed of virus has spread throughout the City of Oxford forcing the area to be quarantined. The first reported case of the virus was found in 6 year old twin sisters Tiffany & Theresa Morrisey. Tiffany never survived the infection but Theresa made a full recovery and is now believed to be the key to finding a cure. In the chaos of a city-wide evacuation, Theresa has gone missing. You must travel back to the abandoned city of Oxford to find her before the virus spreads globally. Though be're not the only one back in town."

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