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User Interface


The User Interface, the part where we make art assets to make the UX sing! The face of the User Experience design from layout to flow. This is where we focus on creating all the art assets from text, buttons, frames, headers, etc. Our goal is to arrange all of the elements on the screen to make the user’s interaction as efficient and simple as possible.

I am comfortable creating any UI art assets in any style needed for any given project. From serious to casual. Following an established art direction or coming up with my own.

Below is an example of UI asset creation. From simple shapes using layer styles and using layers to our advantage to quickly illustrate high-quality UI elements. I do paint overs using a Cintiq if needed.

I make available a style guide with UI state changes and hex color codes to keep the UI/UX consistent as the product grows and develops further. With every passing year technology and processes change. My goal is to adapt to the current needs of the project and continue to expand my skills to meet the demands.

Asset Creation Example 2013:


Logo Creation Timelapse

Creating rapid art assets for mobile game development was a necessity. Looking back on the process for creating the game logo at DeNA. From using simple shapes and layer styles. 2014.


The below video shows many of the projects I worked on from 2006 - 2017 UX / UI / Illustration - To view my complete project list click here.

My passion is user experience design and the production of user interface aesthetics. I am driven by user experiences which helps me to develop an intuitive interface design.

I definitely do both, and I enjoy doing the user interface aesthetics once I am happy with the prototype and user experience. Once that is done, then I focus on layout and create the visual art assets. I take a practical approach. When done properly both are enjoyable.