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Lead Artist, Hothead Games Remi had a huge influence on Boom Boom Football. He applied his formidable understanding of UX to make some excellent changes to the game’s flow and followed that up with solid artistic implementation. When we lost a key screen building artist, Remi proactively learned new areas of Unity to fill that gap. His chill demeanor and good sense of humour made him easy to get along with and he interpreted feedback effectively and without ego. Remi is an intelligent and well-rounded UI/UX artist and I highly recommend him.

Game Producer, Cupcake Digital Remi was one of the hardest working folks in the business. He always wants to get the job done right and works until it is. He is easy to talk to, fun to socialize with and a great overall team member. Remi's first priority is to please and it was a pleasure working with him.

Lead Software Engineer, Cupcake Digital Rémi is great to work with. He's personable, cooperative, and always has a smile on his face. He has a great eye for UI design, and I am in awe of his artistic skills.

President, Mutual Street Management Inc. Remi is simply one of the best and most professional Senior UI/UX designers I have had the pleasure of working with. Remi is very professional and truly embodies someone who takes real pride in his work. He is passionate about UI, especially in gaming and he is very detailed-oriented. In short, Remi is wise beyond his years, and I know he'll be successful in any endeavor he pursues.

Senior Software Engineer, DeNA Rémi is a seasoned UI and UX designer who makes a big impact when he joins a new team. He is a pleasure to collaborate with, and is always excited to share his knowledge and experience. He is passionate about his craft, and is always looking for new things to learn. I look forward to working with Rémi again in the future!

Concept Artist & Illustrator, DeNA Rémi is extremely professional and experienced in what he does in the industry, but what impressed me the most about him was the way how he shows great empathy and appreciation towards others so that he connects with them beyond the usual collaboration for work and it boosts the growth of teamwork and morale tremendously. It was an amazing experience working right next to him for an extensive period of time and I remember Rémi was one of the reasons why I always looked forward to going to work every day. I personally hope that I would have the opportunity to work with him again one day and I am certain that he will always contribute a seamless blend of joy and accomplishment in team collaboration to his work place wherever he is.

UI/UX Designer, DeNA Reliable and exceptional' are the descriptions that come to mind when I think about Rémi. I've had the privilege to work with him during the time at DeNA. To me, Rémi is not only a coach, but also a great mentor in the UI/UX field. His professionalism and passion for creating clear and functional UI/UX never ceases to inspire me. No matter how tight the schedule was, he was able to delight everyone with his humour. I would recommend Rémi, as he would be a great asset for any senior UI/UX position.

Animation Director, DeNA Remi is undoubtedly a UX/UI specialist. He is efficient and well versed in mocking up wire-frames and layouts, and easily adapts to technology allowing him to implement in whatever engine the project requires. Remi created great UI/UX at DeNA, was a strong mentor for the other UX/UI artists, and was pleasant to collaborate with. Remi is a strong addition to any game's art department.

Software Engineer, DeNA Remi is an excellent worker. He is always helpful and it's super easy to work with him. Whether is a small resource, a screen mockup or anything, we always knew that he was there to help. He was always a reliable asset, and he would always provide good feedback and help everybody until the actual game looks like it should. If given the chance, I would definitely work with Remi again.

Snr. Art Director, DeNA I worked with Remi at DeNA Studios Canada, where he was a Senior UI/UX Designer. He's very experienced and skillful artist, and has delivered many UI/UX in our games. His understanding on UI/UX makes the UI/UX development process quite faster and much more efficient. He's also a good team-worker, who works very closely with engineers and game designers, and he reflects feedback and iterations proactively. He's also highly skilled graphic designer, and quite fast to produce high-quality UI graphics, while he also has a digital painting skill as well. He's quite a talent, highly recommended artist/designer for any game studios.

Art Director, DeNA Remi is a incredible nice guy and one of the best UI/UX expert I have ever work with. He also always work very hard to not only deliver good quality UI/UX work but also support other team member to learn and grow up! I was impress by how well he coached the 2 UI/UX artist in my team too. It was great time worked with him on Transformer game, his talent on UI/UX and solid painting skill helped the team went through tough time and delivered great result! I truly hope I can work with him again sometime in future.

Senior Artist, DeNA Remi is a great combination of all the qualities which make a truly professional employee. His extensive expertise in UI/UX and in-depth knowledge of software used to create designs from functional mockups to finished product allows him to work efficiently and on point. Having worked with Remi on several projects, I was happy to see that his professional skill set is not the only thing going for him. He has a great personality and is very easy to get along with which makes him an invaluable asset for any company's culture. Moreover, Remi is able to work out solutions that improve either a specific aspect of the game and its UI/UX or entire processes which ensure that the whole studio operates more creatively and efficiently. Remi is also a very passionate individual who is not afraid to point out certain deficiencies in a constructive manner that can be improved and offer his own solutions as to how to overcome them. I would definitely work with Remi Couture again!

Producer, DeNA It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rémi on Super Battle Tactics and his efforts brought in massive improvements to the User Experience. He was a strong advocate for top quality visuals while partnering with design as early as possible to ensure UI met the needs of the player. Rémi brings a lot of past experiences which were critical in solving new challenges that were unique to Super Battle Tactics. In addition he regularly shared his knowledge with the rest of the team to educate everyone in thinking about User Experiences earlier in the design pipelines. I look forward to working together again with Rémi.

Art Lead, DeNA Remi's passion for UI/UX is inspiring. Not only is he talented and hardworking, he is incredibly generous about sharing his knowledge. He organized several informative UI/UX workshops while at the company and provided valuable feedback to our team that improved our game at every milestone. His knowledge and experiences were a huge resource for us! He is constantly striving to improve the games and pipelines he works on and I really value what I learned from working with him. Remi's attitude and sense of humour make him a truly great person to work with, and I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again.

Vice President Studio Operations Working with Rémi was a pleasure. He is an incredible talent and consistently delivered top-quality assets. To call out a specific skill would be a disservice to his accomplishments. An incredibly well-rounded artist, he's also creative dynamo with tech savvy and is a great addition to an idealization session at a project's outset. Further, he always displayed an uncanny ability to multi-task and accomplished objectives despite aggressive timelines and shifting technical requirements; he would be a valuable asset to any project.

Technical Director I worked alongside Rémi at Gogii Games for almost four years and got to experience his talent rich work ethic firsthand. It always seemed Rémi was ahead of the pack in terms of meeting deadlines and having a jump start on future projects. From interface graphics to character paintings, Rémi's craft will surely make a valuable asset to any and all future projects he pursues.

Video Game Producer Project Manager Rémi is a highly skilled UI UX artist and digital painter, who constantly strives to learn and hone his craft. He is very creative, able to come up with great ideas himself, or to take a set of instructions and turn them into amazing quality art in a short time frame. Rémi would be a true asset to any company who values passion and that will provide him the freedom to push his own creative limits.

Animator Rémi is a talented artist and a real pleasure to work with. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with colleagues and students in art schools. He is very dedicated to delivering high quality work in a timely manner.

Game Designer Video Producer Rémi is a great guy, very fun to work with and has tremendous work ethic. I've watched Rémi create custom art from scratch unmatched by anyone else I've met in my career.

Science Fiction Writer I used Rémi as the artist on my 1st book cover. I was very pleased with the results. It was professionally accomplish and emulated exactly to the look I wanted. I will use Rémi again, I recommend him to anyone who needs a professional artist for any project. 

President Kelowna Website Design I have had the opportunity to work with Rémi and I would strongly recommend him to any company. He is a very hard working, dedicated, polite and always gets stuff done when required. No hesitations over here.

President at Frostybot Marketing Corp I recommend Rémi to any future employer because he is proficient in his work and creates a great user experience with his designs. Rémi is the first person I contact when I need characters, games, or landscapes designed. He is an honest person and very passionate about his work and expanding his knowledge. Rémi is also a problem solver, he finds solutions to problems on his own, with little to no management. I would truly be honoured to work with Rémi again in the future.

President, WestComm Translation Services As a small business owner, I rely on high quality Web and creative design services to connect with clients and key industry partners. The professionalism and expert knowledge and skill Rémi demonstrates through his work has been invaluable to my company as I integrate the domestic and global markets. His services are fast and reliable and, most importantly, perfectly tailored to the specific needs of my business. It has been a real pleasure collaborating with Rémi thus far, and I expect to use his services for many years to come. I highly recommend Rémi as an asset to any size business or corporation

President, SplitFive Rémi worked with our Web Design company SplitFive for a few years and did an excellent job with UI design, layouts, HTML, drawing caricatures, illustrations, and other media. He was easy to get along with and I would recommend him to others seeking similar services.

Senior Interactive Designer at CBC Television Rémi is a talented multimedia designer and much more. It was a pleasure working along side him. Rémi was very creative, flexible, accommodating, fast, accurate and a highly talented 2D and 3D artist who can easily adapt to any given situation. Rémi is an indispensable resource to any creative team.

Web Designer Rémi was one of the most hard working and detail-oriented employees I've had the pleasure of working with. He constantly brought creativity, innovative ideas, and great communication skills to each project. I highly recommend Rémi for employment. His extreme dedication and hard work would make a great asset to any organization.