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Spirit Bear Company - Medieval Combat

I created this in 2017 for a Medieval Combat Team in Vancouver, Canada. I am rusty with drawing and had to figure out how to draw in this style.

"The Spirit Bear Company is a group of practitioners of Medieval European Martial Arts, organized in the manner of an 11th to 15th century Tourney Company in times of peace, and a Free Company of Knights, in times of war.

Our heraldry is a Rampant Kermode Bear, also known as the "Spirit Bear". The Spirit Bear is kept in white to accurately depict the bear in nature. The Red (Gules) tongue of the Spirit Bear represents the Warrior Spirit; Military strength and magnanimity. The gold (Or) represents our Generosity and elevation of the mind. The Shield is done in Blue (Azure) which means Truth and loyalty and also represents our ocean. The wavy yellow and blue lines on top of the shield symbolize our location between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. The maple leaf at the bottom of the shield represents our Canadian origins."